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Chinese herbal toothpaste wholesale

Chinese herbal toothpaste Product advantages and features:
1: Oral toothpaste, the paste is permeable and moist, rich in foam, not sticky. Produced according to international standards, it is more effective in inhibiting bacteria and promoting oral health.
2: By analyzing the physiological structure and pathological conditions of the oral cavity, inheriting classic medical books, using modern advanced R&D and production technology, retaining the natural and effective active ingredients of Chinese herbal medicines, the achievement of Chi Hao Oral Toothpaste.
3: Plant peptides can effectively treat and prevent oral health problems such as bleeding gums, ulcers, gum allergy, fresh breathing, and whitening teeth.
4: The new hesperidin dihydrochalcone is used in toothpaste as a natural sweetness, which is more in line with health needs.

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