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Oral health, good protection

Jihao toothpaste will help your oral cavity be healthier.

If you want to make your oral cavity healthier, please use our Jihao toothpaste in the morning and evening.

Jihao toothpaste is made from a variety of herbal plant extracts, and E959 is added as a natural sweetener. The paste is transparent and moisturized, the foam is rich, fine and non-greasy, and has the elegant and delicate fragrance of osmanthus.

As a kind of traditional Chinese medicine toothpaste, it can deep clean without damaging the tooth enamel. It has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and natural whitening effects.

It can prevent bleeding from gums, improve swelling and pain, relieve oral ulcers, strengthen teeth, and freshen breath. Comfortable mouth, care for oral health.

It is free of fluorine, sugar, and calcium carbonate, making it more suitable for children, pregnant women, and diabetics. Oral health, whole-body health. Jihao toothpaste will give you a bright smile.

Whether it is sweet or sour, you can eat whatever you want. Jihao toothpaste protects your oral health and helps you enjoy life.

Product advantages and features:

1: Oral toothpaste, the paste is permeable and moist, rich in foam, not sticky. Produced according to international standards, it is more effective in inhibiting bacteria and promoting oral health.

2: By analyzing the physiological structure and pathological conditions of the oral cavity, inheriting classic medical books, using modern advanced R&D and production technology, retaining the natural and effective active ingredients of Chinese herbal medicines, the achievement of Chi Hao Oral Toothpaste.

3: Plant peptides can effectively treat and prevent oral health problems such as bleeding gums, ulcers, gum allergy, fresh breathing, and whitening teeth.

4: The new hesperidin dihydrochalcone is used in toothpaste as a natural sweetness, which is more in line with health needs.

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