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About Us


Guangdong Huiji Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Guangdong Huiji Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is an incubation enterprise of Meizhou Institute of Industrial Technology, Guangdong Academy of Sciences. With the brand concept of "Healthy First Step, Jihao Oral Ointment", we focus on the R&D, production, sales and service of oral health products.

Jihao Toothpaste uses plant peptides and herbal extracts to help improve gum swelling and pain, bleeding gums, relieve oral ulcers, help clean all kinds of oral odors, freshen breath, and whiten teeth naturally. Maintain the ecological balance of the oral cavity, establish an oral firewall, and defend oral health.

About Us


Our products are of good quality and can withstand inspection. You are welcome to come to consult.


We have good sales service and after-sales service. Welcome to consult and customize.


We have rich product manufacturing experience and sophisticated equipment.


We provide good customized services to tailor the products you need.

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Guangdong Huiji Biotechnology Co., Ltd. corporate philosophy: integrity, cooperation, win-win development

Core values: forge ahead, be brave in innovation, quality assurance

Corporate strategic view: technological innovation, based on health and sustainable development

Enterprise policy: People-oriented, encourage advanced and promote development together

Entrepreneurial spirit: personal development, enterprise progress, ideal achievement

Code of Conduct: Diligent thinking, good learning, perfection, creating classics

Team philosophy: unity and cooperation, mutual assistance and love, and sharing of honor and disgrace